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*Itinerary is an example of our partner's offering and is completely customizable. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Group Highlights

  • The trip steps back in time through a medieval city, the Adriatic sea, and beautiful lands.
  • A culinary adventure combining the best the land and sea have to offer.
  • Paddle in and around remote beaches in South Delamatia.
  • Drive classic VW Beetles through the Konavle Valley.
  • Explore Dubrovnik, a city that seems untouched since the middle ages.


Each day of this trip will be an adventure through all the important elements that make Dubrovnik unique; the land, the sea, and the city. George Bernard Shaw once wrote that “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and see Dubrovnik”. It’s Old Town, which became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979, is like stepping back in time. The magnificent curtain of walls surround marble streets and baroque buildings that exude a pearly light in the Adriatic sun. And for the Game of Thrones fans among your groups, a visit to Dubrovnik is a visit to Kings Landing, where most of the scenes for the capital of Westeros were shot.

Guests will discover the region on a quad or a jeep safari through the Konavle valley. They will learn from locals how to prepare a traditional “peka” meal (cooked under an iron bell covered with coal) and take motor boats out on the sea to explore a picturesque archipelago of 13 islands. They will swim at one of the most famous sandy beaches in Southern Dalmatia and n the harbor of Dubrovnik the group will visit Lokrum island, where they will investigate hidden caves and relax on beaches only reachable by paddling past towering sea rocks.

A visit to Croatia would not be complete without experiencing the wine and food of the region. Guests will visit the Milos winery, home of the master story teller and wine maker, Frano Milos. Here they will learn about the country and its traditions from a true local. Nearby they will visit a village to try their hand at harvesting local Ston oysters, which local lore says are an aphrodisiac. Guests will drive convertible classic VW Beetles through the Konavle Valley where they will meet local people, taste homemade products, learn about local crafts, and see how flour and olive oil are produced before attending a traditional folklore dance in a local home.

Through this unique combination of land, sea, and city, the group will get a unique understanding of the history and culture of Dubrovnik and the region that surrounds it.

Trip Overview

  • Trip Duration – 7 days/6 nights
  • Max Capacity – 100 guests (based on double occupancy)
  • Best Months – May to September

Lodging Overview

The group will call the most exclusive boutique hotel in Croatia home during their deep exploration of Dubrovnik and the surrounding region. Prominently positioned on the cliffs above Dubrovnik’s prestigious St.Jacob’s beach, this hotel is minutes away from the fortified beauty of the Old City’s cultural landmarks and a few steps from everything that Dubrovnik offers. With spectacular views of the Old City and the Island of Lokrum, this hotel provides exceptional service as it embodies contemporary luxury and refined elegance.

Getting There

Dubrovnik’s airport is a short transfer from town and is Croatia’s second busiest airport with direct flights from many European hub airports with direct flights from the US, including London, Rome, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, and Vienna.

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