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*Itinerary is an example of our partner's offering and is completely customizable. Yasuni National Park, Coca, Orellana Province, Ecuador

Ecuadorian Eco-Lodge Group Highlights

  • Unbelievable wildlife viewing- monkeys, cayman, anaconda, and giant river otters.
  • Birds, birds and more birds!- toucans, parrots, parakeets, macaws, and tanagers.
  • Spending time with indigenous guides and in their community.
  • Night hikes in the Amazon jungle!
  • Stay in a 4.5-star eco-lodge in Yasuni National Park.


Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park is a place unlike any other, located in the heart of one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, it is rich with extraordinary wildlife and vibrant local culture. Spanning nearly 2.5 million acres of Amazonian rain forest, this is a gem to be cherished. Guests will stay in the only lodge within the Yasuní National Park boundaries, spending their days exploring the jungle by canoe or on foot for a close-up view of the area’s diverse, beautiful, and sometimes deadly wildlife.

The lodge is located in the national park no motorized boats are allowed, so it is only accessible by canoe. Indigenous guides paddle guests down the narrow Anangu River, while several species of monkeys play in the canopy above and large cayman float near the banks peering just above the water’s surface. As they enter the lagoon families of endangered giant river otters munch on fish next to the magnificent lodge that will serve as your group’s home for the duration of their stay. And this is just arrival day!

Days will be spent with guides viewing wildlife in canoes, on foot, and in bird-blinds looking for spectacular toucans, talkative parrots and parakeets, gorgeous macaws and flocks of colorful tanagers. Additionally, the indigenous guides will take guests into their community to experience local life in the Amazon and to understand how eco-tourism has uplifted their village as well as neighboring communities. Finally, for more adventurous guests, night hikes will be available. Along with their guides, guests will strap on headlamps and head into the jungle in search of nocturnal creatures.

Trip Overview

  • Trip Duration – 4 days/ 3 nights or 5 days/ 4 nights
  • Max Capacity – 32 guests (based on double occupancy)
  • Best Months – Sep/Oct & Apr/May

Getting There

All guests will fly into Quito, Ecuador (under 6 hours from many cities in the US). The group will be flown from Quito to Coca Ecuador. This is only a 30-minute flight and is included in the cost of the trip.

Lodging Overview

The local indigenous community built the eco-lodge by hand as a way of preserving their traditions and sustaining their community and environment. It is truly incredible. The lodge is run mainly on solar energy and features 16 private cabins decorated with native furnishings that are fully equipped with hot water, ventilation, energy and balconies with panoramic views of the jungle and the Añangu Lagoon. The Main Hall is built entirely of local wood and is the center of the eco-lodges’s community. Visitors and their guides meet here to dine and share their experiences. Guests enjoy a fully stocked bar, library, restaurant, and a 7-story high observation tower that provides a 360° view above the canopy of the jungle for unobstructed views of the surrounding forest, lake, and local wildlife.

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